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Recent Articles on Leadership

Better Left Unsaid

Some things we do as leaders are best left unsaid... Now, we are not talking about sin here. That point of view is what gets so many leaders in trouble, click here to learn more. Now, more than ever, it's important to have accountability in every thing we do and every...

Stupid Ideas = Great Miracles, Part Three

Last week we ended by discussing how, if you are going to be the kind of man/woman with a million ideas, you're going to have to have "thick skin" and not get offended when others don't like your ideas. As a leader, it is important that your idea culture, exemplified...

Stupid Ideas = Great Miracles, Part Two

Earlier this week, we talked about how STUPID IDEAS can become GREAT IDEAS.... You can read that here... But that's not going to happen if you don't throw your ideas out on to the table. Yeah, you might get made fun. People may think its a dumb idea... And hey, they...

Most leadership teaching is focused on the MAIN GUY… But the reality is, most leaders aren’t THE main guy. Here’s some great leadership stuff for the rest of us.

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